Friday, February 12, 2010

Group Genius

I'm now reading a book called Group Genius, by Keith Sawyer, the featured speaker at the Active Learning Retreat held last week. He conceives of learning like a collaboration of jazz musicians or performance of an improvisation theater group or like a well functioning team on a basketball court. I wonder if any of you have had such an experience and feeling (it is called Flow) and if you've had it in the context of any courses you've taken.


  1. I can't remember having any group experience as free-flowing and cooperative as that. Usually, my group projects tend to splinter into "You do this, you do this, I'll do this, and we'll all come together the night before to put it together."

    Didn't Senge talk about good group work like basketball or jazz in The Fifth Discipline?

  2. Joe perhaps this excerpt is what you are referring to. I had that sort of experience as an undergrad, but in my living situation, not in my classes.