Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some thoughts for tomorrow's class

1. The two reviews of the Declining By Degrees video endorse having students watch it, to make the issues we are trying to address seem more real. So tomorrow I'd like to
a) spend a few minutes trying to orchestrate a viewing for other students who'd want to see it.
b) talk for a few minutes about whether CHP students are insulated from the themes of the movie and/or whether the Disengagement Pact is real on our own campus.

2. It would be good for students to have read and reflected up my longish post summarizing and analyzing the class last Wednesday. If you are looking for the big picture on the project, that is the place to look.

After doing those things, we'll get you back into the groups you were in last Monday. I hope that will recharge you on the purpose.

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