Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wonders never cease

Amazingly enough supply equaled demand for the pizza tonight. I hope that wasn't because people went away hungry. I thought for a while that there'd be a lot left over.

The other amazing thing is that I did not say a word about the World Series and have yet to turn on the game, though I can hear it in the background. Will be drawn into that momentarily.

The real reason for this message is that several of you missed Declining By Degrees and want my opinion on whether you should watch it. So I hope those who did can give their recommendation on that. I believe we'd all agree the movie is not uplifting. Metaphorically, it treats Higher Ed as a bunch of different Hand Washing problems, ones that haven't been solved yet. Beyond that, I'll let the students in the class say whether there is value from getting the perspective of the movie. Please do that in comments to this post.

I do think that if the reviews come in positive a bunch of you who haven't seen it could figure out how to watch it together. I returned the DVD to the Library so it should be available in the next 24 hours.



  1. Seeing a documentary, with actual students and professors made the decline of education very realistic. Everything that was shown in the movie was extremely relatable to me, and probably for most students at a big campus.

    I guess the movie wasn't meant to be uplifting, etc...but it was kind of motivating for me! I think seeing how the "disengagement pact" affects education as a whole makes me want to be more engaged. It was like watching an episode of True Life, where you see certain issues that are affecting the people around you and it makes you want to do something to change it.