Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panel Discussion with Guests

(20% of Course Grade) After a brief introduction by me, the guest(s) will be interviewed by a pre-designated team, using a format akin to a panel interview for a TV news show. I will serve as moderator. The rest of the class will play the role of audience and may be able to ask additional question after the panel concludes. Each team will be given a rubric to guide them in coming up with their panel questions. In response to the rubric and the underlying issues that the guest has been invited to address, the team will draft a plan for asking questions, including which members will ask which particular questions. This plan is due at midnight before the panel discussion is to be held. As with the class discussions, the panelists will be encouraged to promote good flow, provide follow up questions for the guest, but also to stick with the plan.

The classrooms have the capability of recording audio for later playback. We may decide to podcast these interviews along with the other materials that the teams create. Subsequent to the inteview, the team will write up a summary and provide other relevant content to understand the issues raised.

The current slate of guests is:

1. September 30 - Some College CIOs

2. October 7 - Dean Ruth Watkins (LAS) and Dean Larry DeBrock (Business)

3. November 11, 1 PM - Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Office of the Provost

4. Unscheduled (but late October or early November) - Libbie Morely, Director of the Writer's Workshop

5. Slot not yet filled - the class can express opinions on whom to get.

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