Monday, August 31, 2009

Perserverance in pursuit of known best practice

1. H1N1 Contingency Planning
2. Quick Review of Reflections/Encouragement for next pieces
Before we get to 3, who is Gawande
3. Hand washing - what's the problem, why is it important?
4 Hand washing - why doesn't it happen by itself?
5. Generalizing - the Handwashing lesson to learning, what translates?
6. Polio eradication in India - what art the characterisitics of the the diligent practitioner?
7. Survey
8. Assigning teams to projects.
9. Show Compass - team names.

1. Discuss lessons from Friday morning meeting with Peter Mortensen and IT Pros.
2. Anyone read Argyris? Mea culpa - first non-Econ class, first writing intensive class. I was feelng defensive. Try to be your advocate. Don't want to be a policeman or your mother. Value casual tone in the writing but precision in expresion. Also value subtlety. There is benefit in digging deeper on a subject and not just touching surface level.
Ask students if they knew of Gwande before this class.
3. Before talking about hand washing, ask if anyone is a univeristy employee. Talk about the ethics training requirement. Use as a way to illustrate it isn't diligence per se that is the value. It is diligence in pursuit of good ends that are hard to achieve otherwise.
4. Then ask why medical professionals don't always wash their hands when they see a patient. Ask about gloves. Ask if they can go beyond what's in the book for reasons. Is it rational behavior? Is there an intellectual problem that needs correcting? What about solutions, can we talk things through on solutionss?
5. Is there a diligence issue with being a student? What is best practice? Do many students miss achieving best practice.
6. Switch to talking about the character of a practitioner of best practice. Use polio eradication as an example. Let the student discuss the features of the guy Gawande rides around with.

Take a break

Go to computer -
7. Show survey
8. Get teams assigned to projects.
9 Show Compass

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