Sunday, August 16, 2009


Required Books: These have been selected not because they are comprehensive on their respective subjects but rather because they are well written (several could readily be enjoyed for pleasure reading outside the scope of this class) and because they articulate a strong point of view on their subjects. Students should purchase these books, though we’ll try to have a copy of each on reserve. It would be fine for students to share the books so each student doesn’t have to purchase them all. Below they are listed with links to their pages and current price quotes.

Better Atul Gawande $11.20
The Process of Education Jerome Bruner $17.10
The Essential Drucker Peter Drucker $12.21
The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization Peter Senge $16.17
Declining by Degrees Edited by John Merrow $10.17
The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell $8.99

Other Readings: These are there either to supplement or contrast with the books, to acquaint the students with other contributions in the area, and to encourage a multiple perspective view on the underlying issues. All of these should be available online, either through the Library or because they are generally available, and hence are free to the students.

Microcredit - Muhammad Yunus (Enterprising Ideas on PBS, NPR pieces, Charlie Rose Show, Nobel Prize site) Microfinance New Yorker Article
How People Learn – National Academy Volume (Chapters 1 – 3)
The Role of Deliberate Practice – Ericsson, Krampe, Tesch-Romer (Pyschological Review)
Facilitation of Autonomy and Intrinsic Motivation – Ryan and Deci (American Psychologist)
An Institutional Framework for Change – Douglass C. North
The Executive Mind and Double Loop Learning – Chris Argyris
Dealing with the Future Now – Guskin and Marcy (Change Magazine)
What We Are Learning about NSSE – George Kuh (Change Magazine)

And other readings that come up during the offering of the course.

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