Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Survey/A Change for Tomorrow

At this point 2/3 of your have done the survey. I hope that by this evening most if not all of you will have completed it. There is food for thought in it. I will post the results, but not until everyone who wants to has completed it. I will do that inside Compass, as some of it is more revealing than I'm comfortable with.

Tomorrow we'll focus on the chapter, The Bell Curve, which is my personal favorite in the Book, and talks about trying new things that have a chance to work. In that spirit, let's do something that we've not done for the first 3 sessions. Would you each write down a question or two you have about the chapter? You can post them to your blog, email me with them, or simply write them down in your own notebook. In other words, you can choose whether to share with your classmates in advance, share with just me, or keep to yourself till the the class session. Tomorrow, let's start the class with your questions and see where that leads us.

Also, there is no reason to expect everyone in the class to see this post before class. If you do read it and have friends in the class, you might let them know too. I'm going to resist the impluse to email the whole class because each time I do that it makes it more likely you'll view the next message as spam.

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