Saturday, December 5, 2009

Being a Kvetch/Multimedia Presentations/My Situation

I've been on muscle relaxants since Wednesday. My brother, who is a doctor, asked me today, do they make me drowsy. I responded - only in the daytime. Anyway, my ability to concentrate is not as good as it should be and I'm more than a little crabby because I can't get comfortable while I'm sitting, which makes working at the computer a bit difficult.


I've been suggesting to several of you who have turned in multimedia presentations to modify the presentations in certain ways. There are two reasons for this:
1) I'd like to repost the presentations on the class blog. Have a tag for them and that way have a gallery. I hope they have a half-life beyond this semester. So I have some aspirations for them beyond your own learning.
2) In several cases I thought the tie in to the course could be made stronger. So I was encouraging that.

On both of these, my being a pain notwithstanding, I'm going to follow the standard approach between author (you) and editor (me). Author has final say. Editor gets to give reactions and make suggestions. So make the changes I suggest or not as you see fit and do let me know whether I can put your presentation into the class gallery.


I really don't like to nag, but there is a variety of course work for several of you that has not yet been done. We need to get closure on that. Consider yourself admonished.

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