Saturday, December 19, 2009

Drum Roll, Please

I'm now done with the grading. (Yippee!) Here's what I did.

On your reflections - I made comments on your Portfolio posts for the world to see and then in Compass I made comments for just you along with the points for your posts. Those are in the discussion area.

On the sub projects for the class project, I made comments for the world to see where your posted work appears. There are no analogous comments in Compass. The sub projects were so different they really couldn't be compared. So, in the end I opted just to give you a participation credit for that. Everyone got full credit. I likewise did that for class participation. Perhaps a little sneaky of me to do it that way, but I trust nobody will object to that outcome.

Grades have been entered in Banner. I have no clue how long it takes for you to see them. If you don't see them by Monday, let me know and I'll post them in the Compass grade book. I hope, however, that won't be necessary.

Have a great break. Once you've put some distance between our class and what you will then be doing, if you have a chance for one last reflection about our course I'd be curious on that score - whether your perspective has changed and any consequences of our course on other things you are doing.

Take good care.

Professor Arvan

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