Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The best medicine...

.... though the muscle relaxant isn't half bad either.


  1. 3rd best come back in NCAA history.

    Go Illini!

    Hope your leg is going a bit better.

    It is almost the weekend!

  2. In days of yore when Ken Norman and Tony Wysinger were seniors (I think Doug Altenberger was on that team too, though he must have been a post doc) I watched the reverse happen to us. The dragon slayer was Sir Jamalot (Gerry Wright) of the hated Hawkeyes. I watched him pulverize us in the second half after we had accumulated what looked like an insurmountable lead in the first half. It was very painful to watch. But as a result I know what its like to be a Clemson fan today.

    Also, on a technical point, those greatest comeback stats should be divided between the 3-point era and what came before. You can come back pretty fast with the 3-point play if somebody gets hot.