Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deliverables for the class project

This post will be easy to understand and straightforward for you. (I hope so, anyway.) The next post will be longer, more involved, and *maybe* suggests a different component to the class project.

1. Process deliverable. Each subgroup should supply minutes on a weekly basis. These don't have to be eloquent writing nor do they have to be lengthy. These should be posted on one member's blog and tagged with "subgroup minutes." The idea here is ensure all members of the subgroup sees this as do I and other members of the class. We can better track what is going on this way.

2. Product deliverable. One part of this will be a write up like the write ups for the in class interviews. Another part is a deliverable that you deem appropriate, which may vary from subgroup to subgroup. It could be a recommendation. It could be information collected. It needs to be labelled either as "complete" or as "work in progress." If the latter, it needs to be left in a way where others might receive a baton pass and continue to work on it after our class has concluded. If you suspect you will end up with a work in progress, some though should be given as to how you will pass the baton.

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