Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please Link

Greg is the first to write a post according to this week's prompt. He references a post by Tiffany. It is best practice in blogging to link to other posts that are referenced, indeed to any Web pages that are referenced. This doesn't directly benefit the author of the post at all. The benefit is to the reader who can find and track down those references more easily. If we all link this way, it should help in making us a tighter knit group. That, in turn, would benefit each of us as authors.


  1. Is the next person supposed to write a post in response to Greg's post and so on or do we just have to link to an idea from any person's past or current blog post?

  2. You can comment on any post, from anyone. It doesn't even have to be from last week. You can also write about more than one post and from more than one classmate. The goal here is simply to bring in the writing of others in the class into your own writing.