Saturday, October 10, 2009

For Monday's Class Session - A Message on Behalf of Team Action

Our process will be a little different on Monday. You will be in your teams for a few minutes first to work through a scenario. Each group will be facilitated by one of the members of Team Action. Then, that small group work will be used to feed into the full class discussion that will ensue immediately afterwards. Each small group will think things through from the point of view of a particular non-profit/volunteer organization. The assignments are as follows:

Group 1: Red Cross, Alessandra
Team Best

Group 2: Girl Scouts, Nashrah
Team Change

Group 3: Colleges Against Cancer, Tiffany
Team Dew

Group 4: Engineers Without Borners, Nirajan
Team Ewe


There is background reading requested of you before the class session so that you are ready to do the group work.

a) Information about the particular organizations.
b) The questions you will cover while in the small groups.
c) The discussion questions for the class as a whole.

After you read this message please alert your teammates to it. The class session will go better if all are ready for it.

Thank you, on behalf of Team Action.

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