Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Second Writing Project

This message is for 396 students (but 395 students are welcome too). Given that we've pushed back the date of the first writing project, I've decided it is sufficient for us to have two projects rather than the 3 in the original syllabus. This will allow you some more flexibility and to focus some of your attention on the class project.

Option A is to do another book review. You've been through that before so you know what to expect. Option B is to do a multimedia project. Those of you who did Gladwell for your first book review will appreciate that the multimedia project aims to make a presentation that sticks, and to do that via a combination of words, images, and music.

I understand "the theory" of this real well. This is to show I've tried, but am by no means an expert at the practice. It also demonstrates the cheapy way of captioning, by doing it right in the PowerPoint. That way you are guaranteed to have the text sync with the image.


  1. Do you have a certain due date in mind yet?

  2. I do. But since the last one ended up not being firm, I'm not sure I should announce the next one just yet. The ball park is end of November. We will talk about this next Wednesday. I'd like to discuss then.