Monday, December 7, 2009



  1. Hey,

    I really liked your music you choose for the piece. The timing was just right too.

    A few suggestions -

    I am as idealist as the next person, but maybe your message would be more effective if you has a little bit more conflict in the beginning - maybe even some pictures from the Daily Illini on recent disagreements?

    I didn't really understand the ending either - traveling to me didn't really go along with the rest of the theme? Maybe it's just me.


  2. Yeah, I did think about including pictures of actual conflict happening recently, but it ended being a more general statement about differences. I can see the benefit of using pictures about the GEO strike though in the beginning.

    What I was trying to do with the ending was: right before the last picture, I showed a bridge saying "Then, no distance would be too far to travel" meaning no distance caused by our differences would be too great. Therefore, the last slide was a play on the picture of the bridge where either people would have to be willing to travel that long distance to create such a bridge to connect the land OR that people have to travel along that bridge in order to connect with each other even if the point of contact is on the bridge.

    The point is that both sides have to make an effort to understand the other's differences. The rainbow at the end was used b/c there is a meaning associated with rainbows where people travel to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. In the same way, are we willing to travel to find that "treasure", which is the connection between ourselves and others?

  3. I really liked how it starts with school themes and then it expands to real life themes. I think this would be really help first year undergrads really create some sort of vision for themselves for the future. I also really liked the music!