Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Health Update on Me

The diagnosis has come in on what was causing the pain in my leg that I complained about since the Thanksgiving Holiday. It's arthritis, in both hips and my lower back, coupled with some bone spurs. None of this is too severe at present, but the bone spurs can apparently irritate a nerve. Mostly it is under control with some mild pain medication, though I've had a bad day or two since the semester ended. (I'm not counting the Missouri game in that.) If I was cross with you during the last few weeks of the term, I apologize for that. That is likely the explanation (though it could still have been your word usage). ;-)

I hope you are having a fun and relaxing break. That's what is't been for me.


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't doing well. Hopefully you will get the pain under control soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the arthritis. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that it gets better soon.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that it's arthritis, I hope the pain subsides soon.

    You may have already seen this article already, but I thought I'd pass it on if you haven't...

    "Making College Relevant"

    I thought it was especially interesting in the context of what we discussed in class and the roundedness of our undergraduate educational experience.

  4. Prof. Arvan, I hope you feel better with the medication, and I hope the holiday season has been more uplifting for you. Happy new year!

  5. Thank you for the well wishes. The pain is essentially gone. The meds are quite wonderful that way. I wonder if it will stay that way without the meds, but at the moment that is an experiment I won't try.

    Before Christmas I saw Invictus. I wouldn't say it was a great movie, now seemingly typical of the new Clint Eastwood films where it demonstrates historically true acts of courage from different contexts, but it is a movie quite relevant for our class. Mandela had a very deep understanding of what leadership means.

    My New Years resolution is to read Thoreau's Walden. I started it yesterday. It is also clearly relevant to our course by asking question about what is it that is really important for us to be doing.