Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 3-Year College Degree

I wonder whether any of you have heard about this proposal from Robert Zemsky for college reform. I'd be curious as your reaction to the suggestion.

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  1. I think changing the "standard" to 3 years would be detrimental for some students. The 4 undergraduate college years are more than an education, they are an experience. It's the first time for many young adults to be out on their own, to discover who they are.

    Also, I personally do not believe the drive for a 3- year degree should be tuition. If we are fitting all of the curriculum into 3 years, wouldn't colleges or the high school senior year additions up the costs? Would the savings truly be transferred from college to the student? I do think time, though, is a big motivating factor for a 3 year college degree...especially for those who are going on to graduate studies.

    I don't necessarily think that a 3 year undergrad education is a bad idea. I just don't think that it would be a "standard" that most of the world is ready for. I know many students that are graduating in 3 years, and then using a 4th year to do a Masters in Accounting degree so it's definitely already possible with the AP/IB credits that are currently offered in high school.