Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scientific American Article via Campus Library

The Expert Mind is available on the Library site. One of the students in the class found this first, in the database called EBSCO. Since the Library has the license to redistribute that content to members of the campus community but I don't, you really should get it there.

Also, and though it is really outside the scope of the course, the response to the Dewey Decimal System question mortified me. So a quickie on finding the reference on the Library site.

The Library Catalog allows search according to different criteria. In this case, I clicked on the tab called Journals. Then I did a Journal Title search on Scientific American. The first link in the reponse has several electronic journals. The second of these has a link to EBSCO, full text, with four links, the first of which says 1993 - present. That's the one I click.

Then once in EBSCO, I do a search on the article title and I find the page I referred you to.

If you happen to go to grad school, you likely will need this sort of skill. In my humble opinion, some rote on this stuff would have greate value for you.

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