Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Recordings Folder

There is now a folder in Compass for class recordings. You can follow the link there to the audio for today's class. You need to turn your speakers down to hear this. It is audible, but far from perfect. We'll continue to tweak this process as we make more recordings.

Also, this did require me to do some post processing, because the file size was too large to put into some of my more obvious places, so I converted it to an flv movie and put it on my site. I hope at some point it converts it back to mp3 format so I can just distribute the audio file that way. It will not let me upload that as the source.

I do have the raw audio on my laptop so if teams want them to write up the post part of their interviews, I can give it to you, if you have a thumb drive or some other way to port the file.


  1. Professor Arvan, Is every class from now on going to be approx one hour to one hour and 15 minutes? Will the second hour be used for students to talk to you about the assignments and progress in class?


  2. Wednesdays will be a little different from Mondays for the next several weeks. On Wednesdays we have our visitors and for that will go as long as it seems to make sense. I will try to meet with the group that is doing the visitors for the following week immediately afterward, if there is time.

    On Mondays, we've got one more group led presentation in a couple of weeks and then the rest is my lead. We may go less than an hour some days, depending on topic. Next Monday, I don't plan to go more than 50 minutes.