Monday, September 14, 2009

Rubric for Team Guided Discussions

Here are some component criteria for the evaluation and then one overall. Do note that Professor Arvan plans to be a listener during these discussions and will try to chime in only if asked or to announce time for a break. Also note that the entire class shares responsibility for these sessions. The team leading the discussion can't and shouldn't try to do it all on their own.

1. Readings. Each of these discussions are related to some readings the class is covering. Does the discussion tie to readings in an obvious way? (25%)

2. Flow. We want good flow and good class participation. Did we achive that? Did the class feel that way (as reflected by the survey responses). (25%)

3. Leading/empowerment. This is a question of balance and is something we struggled with early. How much should the lead group frame? How much should it be the rest of the class that is chiming in? When should the discussion linger because that is profitable? When should it move on to the next point? (25%)

4. Overall. Students have been writing paragraph responses in the survey to indicate this about previous sessions. It would be useful to do likewise here. (25%)

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