Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Changing the Schedule a little

I'm moving the session on Drucker Chapter 4 from October 5 to October 12 and using the October 5 session to get us ready for the visit by the two Deans on October 7. So there are now different readings for October 5, the piece by George Kuh and another piece by Arthur Levine. Because the visits of the guests had to be arranged to meet their schedules, they are not perfectly synced with how we are proceeding through the readings.

I need to get posted how we will proceed after that. On October 5, let's take a few minutes at the start to discuss whether the class can do two threads interspersing sessions on management with other sessions that prepare us for our class project, or whether we should defer some of the management discussions till the bulk of the class visits are over. (Libbie Morley is the 4th visit on October 21, then we have a break for a few weeks until Mary-Ann Winklemes comes.)

Also, next Monday we will start with the office hours on your reflections. I'm going to try for 3 students each slot. We'll do that by alphabetical order of your first names. For this Monday, if your first name starts with A, B, or C, please stay after the break so we can chat about your reflections.

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