Thursday, September 10, 2009

Changing approach in responding to reflections and other mods

Since starting next week the 396 students will be contributing other writing (the first is the precis on the book review, followed by drafts of the book reviews themselves) and I need to give them timely feedback. I will be responding to fewer of your reflections, probably responding explicitly to 1/3 of the class per week from here on out. If you want commentary, just say so in your post. I'm happy to oblige. Also if you want to talk about your ideas face to face, I'm happy to do that too. But I need to do some time management and this is one step in that direction.

Also, I will use the class surveys we've been doing for when students lead the discussion, so they can get your feedback, but I think we're plateauing on their usefulness for when I lead the discussion and the participation is a little down so far for the last one. I want to avoid make work for you.

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